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They published my tweet in their official site

Okay that was a lil bit toooooo overrated right? Yeah, Gossip Girl till the end ♡  I can't wait for the Sixth Season! Due to air next fall, maybe.


Hmm I know you're in a miserable state of mind right now. Somehow I wish you'll be fine. I wish you a brighter future ahead :) You know you can!

As for me, hmm I don't even know what's in store for my future. Further studies? Err prolly going to International Islamic University of Malaysia in the mean time. While waiting for MARA's result for Kolej Mara Seremban. and I think I won't go to Kolej Professional Mara Indera Mahkota or Matriks. I don't know what's best. HE knows best.

Till then,

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